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Thanksgiving Tablespace Décor for Less 2020: How can I make Thanksgiving Special with a Tiny Budget?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Welcome back QLife Fam! I am thankful that you stopped by to see how I made Thanksgiving a bit more special on the cheap! This year we as a country as well as those across the world have had a difficult year. The holidays season is much more difficult this year due to the pandemic and the great losses we have suffered. Many of us will have Thanksgiving without our loved ones due to loss or safety reasons. Through it all we are still standing. Praise God!

Ok, so you want to do something that can make your small family celebration of thanksgiving nice without spending much at all. I am sharing my tips and tricks to do just that. I mix my family heirlooms with very inexpensive items from your local dollar store. You can really find some gems there. Also, different dollar type stores carry different items so check out more than one store to get great finds. Once you pick up a few things from year to year, only spending a few dollars at a time, you will have quite a collection of things to mix and match to make a beautiful space to celebrate. This year I mixed my hubby’s Noritake china with my mother’s crystal stemware and glasses. To make the table look great I mixed those special family pieces with finds from the dollar store. I used various ribbon, worded candles, gold and silver artificial florals and leaf stems, mirrored coasters, and other items to get the look you see in the pictures and short video clips. I did label two of the pictures so you can see how much I spent on specific items on the table.

I hope you can use some of these same strategies to make your Christmas holiday table nice with a tiny budget. My QLife Fam is incredibly special to me. I am sharing my home and peaks at our Thanksgiving dinner for three with you. I hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving.

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