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Hey, I'm Quita!
Founder of The Quitassential Life!

(pronounced Key-ta)

Before I started blogging I was (am) a veterinarian. I majored in zoology and double minored in Voice and Chemistry (I was on vocal scholarship as an undergrad) getting my Bachelor of Science. I sang in a band in college; I made extra money doing hair and makeup too!

Then went on to veterinary medical school to get my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I started in small animal practice supporting your kitties, puppies, and the occasional squirrel! I did my veterinary medical internship at a very large humane society hospital. Animals have been my passion since childhood. I moved into regulatory medicine from there career wise. You know - food animals. Long story…

I have always loved makeup and pretty things. My mom was a special education teacher and my father was a police officer. Mom was a great cook and always set a very special beautiful table. I get my creativity from her. I have classic and eclectic tastes! I love everything from a great aria (I am a lyric soprano) to good old gospel music. My blog is a source to enhance your beauty both inside and out and have a positive impact on your spirit and surroundings.

I’m married to the love of my life (he is a scientist too) and our son is an artist.

I hope you enjoy your stay here in my corner of the internet. Here we will laugh, cry, talk, love, and increase our walk with God! So glad to meet you!

Dr. Quita
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