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Beautiful Holiday Table Settings on the Cheap!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Have you wanted to have a beautiful table for your dinner party or a holiday just for the family but really can’t spend a lot of money? I came up with all you see here (other than my china and crystal) from the Dollar Store! Yes, the dollar Store. I get mad compliments on my table settings and I spent about $25-30 for the whole thing. The tall tea light holders were $1 each giving different heights to the table setting center. I used the plaid ribbon on top of a plain red table runner and on the chair backs to tie the chairs into the table setting center. The ribbon was $1 per roll and bought 2 rolls. The center piece is 2 lighted plastic trees that were $5 for the pack of 2. I used and old Christmas box in the center with a fishbowl Christmas box was $1 and the fish bow $1. I put the fish bowl on top of the Christmas box for height, filled the bowl with colored marbles and clear stones from the dollar store and put a multicolored lighted string with a small battery pack inside the bowl of colored marbles and stones. I have mirror square coasters that I got from the dollar store for a previous holiday and set the trees and tall tea lights on the mirrored coasters. I ran a sting of lights from the dollar store through and along the table runner for more color and lighting. The three battery candles with words on them were $10 from the dollar store for the pack of three. There are smooth stones next to each table name card that has an inspirational word on them such as “faith” “peace”, etc. got them from the dollar store as well but a couple of years ago. There so much more here to show and tell. Drop me a line or ask any questions about how I completed tis look in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. I will leave you with these pictures and you too can do this with your creativity and the dollar store in your own neighborhood.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Q Life Fam!



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