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Bible Journaling: How to get started, let your creative juices flow, and change your life.

Hello all! Thanks for dropping in. This blog is about Bible Journaling and how it can change your life. Those who believe, know that they are saved by God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We also know that faith without works is dead. We do know some things and seek to know more, but do you know that all God wants is time with you? Yes, God created us in His likeness so we could worship Him and He would take care of and provide for us. You are special, God seeks a one-on-one relationship with you. Bible journaling is a strong process to establish a daily habit of spending time with God.

Bible journaling is a wonderful way to engage with Scripture, allowing your creativity to intersect with God’s Word. Here are some encouraging Bible journaling ideas to enhance your study and reflection. Do not let your thoughts that you may not be a good artist hold you back. Try it. You will enjoy the experience. Here are the basics in five top tips to get you started on your Bible journaling journey:

Choose Your Supplies Wisely:

  1. Bible Journal or Journaling Bible: To start with a Bible Journal you should select one that will be easy to adapt to your worship and bible study. My Bible journal will meet your needs and is available to purchase now (click here to pre-order). To begin with a Journaling Bible, select one with wide margins or designated space for notes and art.

o Pens: Invest in archival-quality pens that won’t bleed through pages.

o Colored Pencils: These are great for intricate designs.

o Extra Paper: Use it for practice or to prevent bleed-through.

o Washi Tape: Decorate edges or create tabs.

o Stickers: Add fun elements to your pages.

2. Read and Reflect on Scripture:

o Choose a passage that speaks to you. Reflect on its relevance to your life.

o For example, consider Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…”

o Highlight words that stand out to you, like “trust,” “Lord,” and “heart.”

3. Sketch Your Design:

o Lightly sketch your design using a pencil. You can do this directly in your Bible or on a separate sheet of paper.

o Visualize how you want to emphasize certain words. Be creative!

4. Add Color and Art:

o Outline a pencil sketch first.

o Once you’re satisfied with your sketch, go over it with a pen, add color with colored pencils, or crayons to fill in your design.

5. Personalize and Date:

o Add stickers, stamps, or borders to enhance your page.

o Use Washi tape on the edges to make pages stand out.

o Don’t forget to add the date—capture the instant when God speaks to you!

Remember, Bible journaling is about connecting with God’s Word in a personal and creative way. Let your hands and your heart express His truth through you.

Writing down your thoughts and prayers with your daily GOD Experience will help you understand God’s character more with each passing day. The more you have an honest conversation with God (in other words—prayer). The more you can share your testimony with others. That is the mission ordained by God. Make disciples. Setting time aside to connect with the Lord daily will change your life. God blesses all who call on Him having faith. Digging in a bit more to help in your ongoing relationship with the Lord, here are more ideas and methods to build upon, create and implement your daily Bible journaling to get you closer to God.

Create/Draw a Scene:

  • Construct visual imagery by painting/drawing scenes from the Bible. Illustrate landscapes, characters, or significant moments. Your artistic depiction connects you with Jesus and people in the scriptures. You can do this within my Bible journal by making these artful pieces on the Weekly Faith Outlook page (click here to pre-order).

Verse Art:

  • Choose a favorite Bible verse and illustrate it imaginatively with drawing or with stickers, washi tape, planner goodies. Use colors, patterns, and symbols to emphasize the message. Let the verse you choose motivate your creativity. My suggestion for doing this in my Bible journal is to use the notes pages, journaling section in the back or Faith Dailies pages.

Lettering and Design:

  • Experiment with different fonts and lettering styles. Write out verses or phrases in beautiful calligraphy or block letters. Don’t forget to add decorative elements around the text!

Nature-Inspired Designs:

  • Incorporate elements from nature. Think of all the amazing things that God made in nature. Include flowers, leaves, or birds alongside relevant verses. Reflecting on God’s creation will feed your creativity.

Prayer Journaling:

  • Use your journal to write prayers. Pour out your heart to God, express gratitude, and seek His guidance. The perfect areas in my Bible journal for this action is the Faith Dailies and Faith Journaling pages.

Symbolism and Images:

  • Research biblical symbols that speak to you (e.g., the cross, doves, angels). Explore their meaning and relevance to your walk with God. Then consider incorporating them into your pages.


  • Assign colors to different themes as you like (e.g., blue for grace, yellow for redemption). Make sure to use the color scheme you develop consistently throughout your journaling.

Margin Notes and Insights:

  • Write insights that come to you about Scripture. Note lessons learned, key words, or personal reflections. You can add these to the margins of your journal or Bible.

Creative Borders and Frames:

  • Decorate the edges of your Bible pages or Bible Journal with borders, doodles, or washi tape. Make each page of your journal unique and beautiful to bring out your personality. This also helps to link your visual ques with where you are with your walk with God.

Remember, there are no strict rules in Bible journaling—let your heart guide you. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, let your journal be a canvas for encountering God’s Word! Be Blessed!

Dr. Quita

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