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Depression: Feeling overwhelmed, My way out of the vortex.

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Life overwhelming? Creativity, depression, excitement, grief, faith, self-doubt, optimism, sinking into the abyss!

Have you had these feelings simultaneously? This is my life. It can be devastatingly haunting and filled with gratefulness at the same time. Sometimes I want to crawl under a rock and stay there – ok more than sometimes. I seek to grow in my life journey inside and out. For me this is a quality of life issue. What works for me may not be what works for you?

Looking at pieces or chunks can be easier than the birds eye view.

Ok so let’s take a chunk, maybe relationships. Spouse, significant other, kids, friends, church members, the list can go on. Relationships are the way two or more concepts, people or objects are connected. For our purpose we will stick with the people “human” relationship connection. To have a relationship or connection and maintain it you must nurtured that bond. Even with your friends, you need to put for the effort to keep in touch. Don’t let it always be the other person that calls or makes contact. That does not make a strong supportive connection. If this speaks to you, then try reaching out to a friend that you have not talked to in a while. Give them a call or text them and suggest a coffee date. You may be surprise at how good you feel after having first made the contact and then the connection.

What about another chunk, too much? Ok then stop here and skip to the end. If you want to try one more chunk what about journaling to keep negative thoughts a bay or honor your thoughts for the day. I use a Happy Planner system that includes a journal for every day to keep the positive thoughts going. I have an issue with negative thoughts. To work on that, I write a few thoughts prompted by this particular planner journal. It helps to keep me positive and realize that, oh there were good parts of my day.

It’s all about you and your pursuit of the quintessential life. What does that look like for you? There is hope and I want to journey with you for us to get to that place of nirvana together.

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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