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How to set up a 5-year plan without stressing out!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Why do a 5-year plan anyway? It seems so daunting that many of us just don’t put the effort into getting it done. 5 years is long enough to put down pathways and achievable goals and short enough to keep you motivated. Creating a 5-year plan significantly increases your chances of hitting milestones and reaching your goals. Here are a few tips to make plans for yourself and dreams you never thought you could do manifest without pulling out your hair!

Start Here:

Start with a simple approach with these questions:

 What will make my life easier this year?

 Where do I think I will be living in 5 years?

 What thing would make my life better this year?

 What fun do I want to have this year?

 What do I want to make sure I do/my family does this year?

Then write it down.

There is power in the written word. You don’t have to make this complicated. Do a “Brain Dump” around these questions. Think in terms personal things, money needed to make it happen, time frame to do it.

Keep in mind that you need purpose and actionable items when thinking this through. Spread out the actions over the 5-year time frame so it works for you. Try this template to help you.

[brain dump – the simple task of writing down the things you think about a subject. It is a simple and can be fun way to organize your thoughts. In a brain dump you write things down as they come to you and then look over the list and organize them.]

Now take what is important from that process to see how to get there more clearly. Think purpose and action. A 5 year plan should be balanced with overarching goals/dreams and details.

Revisit your plan.

Vision board your goals.

Start at a bird’s eye view, then drill down to annual and monthly goals, for example:

Life: travel abroad; 5 yr-visit 2 countries; annual saving target per yr; monthly save for passport travel fare

Health: 5 year set goal weight; annual lbs to lose per year; monthly exercise 3x per week, protein target daily; carbs per day

This will get you started. Try it. Anyone can do this….YOU CAN DO THIS. You may be surprised at what you can do. Welcome to the QLife Fam!

Quita - striving for the Quitassential Life

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