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Surviving Grief

Updated: Jan 12

Psalm 121:1-2

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

When you’ve lost a loved one it makes it seem like life has no meaning. At least losing my mother did that to me. I was lost. I could not understand it, so I just stopped trying. I miss her every day and it's been 16 years. I lost my nephew to a chronic medical condition that he did not know he had. It was curable and preventable. He was 27 years old. How my sister and her husband function each day is a marvel to me. I struggle so with my nephews loss it’s been over 6 years. How do they do it? When people tell you time will make it better it’s just not true. The pain does not go away. You learn how to survive it, manage it, and keep moving. For me, I could not do that without Jesus. My help comes from the Lord.

Look to the hills, my help comes from the Lord. I met a person through Facebook purely by accident. She had the same name as another friend, and I sent her a friend invite. We became fast friends. Not long after that she lost her mother. That was a hard-hitting blow for her. She struggled so. I sent her a message much like what I said above. That the pain does not go away but you will learn to manage it and keep moving. She thanked me profusely for being the only person that told her the truth. You do have to walk in those shoes to understand. The expectation that you will one day get over that kind of loss makes it that much harder to move on. Embrace the good times you had with your loved one. Know that you are not alone, and God’s got your back. Lean on Him when you are weak. You will have good days and bad days, but you will survive….and that is ok. On those bad days look to the hills, your help is up with God. Just say His name if you can’t get any other words out. Yes, there may be days like that. Call on Him. “Jesus help me,” that is all that you need to do to survive!

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