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Throwback Pre-COVID: Amazon Wig Review/Esha Absolute Lace Glue Review

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Cheap Amazon Wig Review/Esha Absolute Lace Glue Review Throwback Pre-COVID. Here is the "tea" on this unit and the lace glue. This is an amazon wig review and a review of the Esha Absolute Lace Glue. This is one of my 1st videos. I found this old footage and it reminded me of the nightmare conference I attended wearing this unit and the hard time I had that week.

You gotta watch to the end to see the funny part. LOL! This video is not sponsored. I paid for both the wig and the Esha Lace Glue. These are my opinions. The wig is 150% density and 22” Brazilian straight hair. I’ve had it for a full year now and it’s still going pretty strong.


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